Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Go this awesome email from Kami, another ISAGENIX team member and she had some powerful words or wisdom to share that inspired me so maybe they will inspire you . . .

Is today the best day you have ever had? If not, why? What do you all say that we start right now and make today the most joyous day!?! I am learning more and more about the desires of our hearts. What are your desires? What is it you want? If you could make today be anything you wanted it to be, how would it look? Well today is your lucky day because "God grants according to our desires"! The key is to know what those desires are! So I want you to sit down for a minute and write down what it is you want! Be sure to include details! Studies have shown that just by writing it down gives you a 90% better chance of actually achieving it! There is something magical about the written word! Then for a moment, close your eyes and imagine having exactly what you want- this starts the law of attraction! Turn to God and be grateful for all that you have now and all that you will be blessed with in the future! Do one more thing for me, that is say THANK YOU every chance you get! You can't have gratitude in your heart at the same time you have stress or anger or worry! So I choose to be grateful! What a beautiful world we live in and man are we soo blessed!

I love you all and hope you remember that the power of love and gratitude will dissolve all negativity in our lives, no matter what form it has taken!

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