Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh my . . . . Inspiration Overload

I have been totally inspired by some of the  fabulous work I am seeing out there lately. Really I would be happy to sit in my little craft corner and craft all day. I am sure the arrival of my new little grand-daughter might have something to do with it. Maybe it is grandma nesting !!!

But you have got to check these out . . . .

Craftaholics Anonymous

And to feed my flower addiction . . . . .

Look what Rhonna is up to

oh and then I stumbled upon this site . . .

Whippy Cake

and I can't believe I missed this . . . But I was at Scrap Happy Sisters event . . . wish it would have been a different day because oh how I would have loved to have gone . . . . next time . . . soon I hope. The girl who is running it is the daughter of one of my most absolutely favorite young women leaders from when I just about 17 years old.

Boutique in the Barn

Okay - I hope you get something accomplished today, because it would be oh so easy just to sit and look at all the inspiration on these sites today.

Baby Report : Morgan goes for her amnio today at 2pm to see if little Malorie's lungs are ready to face the world. If they are then she waits for the call from hospital to be induced. So exciting !!!!

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And We Sailed On said...

There is so much to see! I have go get to work on my house though! Wish I could craft with you all day!