Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fabulous Weekend . . . part 1

What an awesome weekend we had. Friday night we went to the temple with Dylan and had such an amazing experience. Dylan, was attaending the Temple for the first time in preparation for his mission. I knew in my heart that it was going to be a special experience, but I truly did not know how special it would be. I am always touched when I enter the house of the Lord, because the spirit is so strong. If there is anywhere on earth you feel close to Heaven, that is where it is.

I knew that my dad would be present, not only in spirit, but that he would be close by as he watched his oldest grandson prepare to serve a mission. As each of my children cross milestones in their lives I can feel of the love of my dad. His grandchildren were his life. He loved them more than anything in this world and even though he is waiting for us on the other side, I know he is still watching over them and rejoicing in their accomplishments and loved them through their trials.

Once you have done your own work in the temple, you can then return to perform ordinances for those who have gone before. To find out more about Temple work go here. As I sat in the chapel and said a prayer, I could feel that there were many who were very happy that Dylan would be serving the people of Peru on his mission. As we enter the temple and perform ordinances for those who have gone before you are given a name of a person who is deceased. As I sat in the chapel and looked down at the name I was given and said her name "Maria" and noticed that "Maria" was from Peru. The place where Dylan will be serving his mission. I am not sure if I can relate the feeling in which I had at this time. But it was testified to me that Maria was so happy to have her temple work done and she is so anxious for Dylan to go and teach her people.

I will be back to post pictures and follow up on the rest of my weekend . . . gotta go get the family ready for church.

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