Monday, May 3, 2010

Fabulous Weekend Part 2 . . . .

So I have two more weeks left of this semester and all I can say is that i truly am so proud of myself for not quiting. Cause it was really hard and when I started I wasn't sure that my brain was capable of absorbing all the information that was being thrown at me. So over the course of the past 4 1/2 months I have gotten the hang of this college thing and I am more determined now more than ever to finish a degree. I will continue to pursue nursing - and if the time comes that I have to find another job - I will have a direction. With the economy I am not really sure what is going to happen. If I had a choice what would I really want to do it would be to JUST BE A MOM (and Grandma) and stay home and take care of my family. But the reality of that is not possible. With teenagers, car insurance, missions, college expenses, sports, swim teams, and everything else that comes with raising a big family - I have to contribute income to the family budget. I don't work so we can take fancy vacations or buy fancy cars or expensive clothing. Those who know me, know that I am  SIMPLE gal and know that I contribute just so we can make it. I would love for the economy to bounce back and I would be so happy if I could just continue making it with my job in the scrapbook industry. I LOVE MY JOB and I LOVE THE PEOPLE I WORK WITH. That is what I want and then I would have a degree for back up.

So anyways - I have been working hard and getting some pretty good grades and I am happy to report that on Saturday I got
on my math test. Now I have gotten A's on all my tests this semester. But to actually get 100% - I was pretty darn proud of myself. Especially since I never did well in math in my earlier years. So I have a final English paper due today, a psychology exam tomorrow and then onto finals.

See this precious baby - she is schedule to make her arrival sometime before this weekend right at the start of finals. But no worries all my professors are aware that I may need special accommodations to the timing of my finals and they are all completely understanding. I am so excited to meet
I think this may just be the best Mother's Day ever !!!!

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