Monday, May 3, 2010

The End to A Fabulous Weekend . . . .

Church was amazing yesterday. The spirit that was felt there was something special.
It was fast and testimony meeting and many beautiful testimonies where shared.
As a Relief Society we are working on a number of service projects that I am really excited about.
Our theme for this month is
 "Helping Hands: An Evening of Service and Sharing"
We will be making quilts and will use them to give to those who can use a little "extra comfort"

and we will be learning how to make crocheted hats.
There is a group of women in our ward that have been making hats for cancer patients.

As mothers, daughters, sisters and wives we have the natural want to nurture and care for those in need.  Many of the cancer patients express a need for a covering for their heads after the ravages of treatment have caused their hair to become thin or to fall out altogether. What a wonderful project this is. We have also expanded and will be making newborn hats for babies in the NICU and then hats for the homeless. I am excited to learn how to make these and then teach my family and what a wonderful "summer project" it will be.

After church we came home as a family and watched "THE BLIND SIDE" Don had got it from Red Box and he had it for about 4 days and we needed to watch it so we could return it. I had no idea what I was in for. By far the BEST movie I have seen in a very long time. My entire family loved it and was touched by it. For those who know me, mostly my kids, can imagine that I sobbed through most of the movie, but then there were times in between the tears that I laughed out loud. My mother's heart was truly touched and I loved it. I can't believe it has taken me this long to see it. (yes, I can - I have been a little busy) It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

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