Friday, October 2, 2009

TGIF . . . .

What a whirl wind week I have had. Filled with lot's and lot's of things to do. Good things. Monday the kids did not have school so we went homecoming dress shopping and then took the boys to browse the Halloween shops. Then off to a family dinner for swim. Tuesday I was at a store in Gilbert called Scrapology doing i-top demos. Wednesday my mom went with me to Prescott. I had an appointment at Seasons in Tyme and then we went with Cheryl to lunch at a cute and yummy Mexican food place. It was fun to just sit and visit. Karleigh had two swim meets this week I had the opportunity to just sit and relax and watch both of them. If your are a mom you know there is nothing greater in this life than sitting and watching your kids do something they love. It is awesome to watch her grow and develop as a swimmer. It is so sad that swim season will be over in a month. Misty has been such an amazing role model for Karleigh and has helped Karleigh to strive to be her personal best. It is AWESOME !!! This week is also homecoming week. SMHS homecoming always reminds me of Marissa and often when I attend homecoming festivities people always bring up Marissa's name. One year in High School Marissa was in charge of homecoming and she did an amazing job and people to this day still talk about it. I hope in the future she will be able to come home for a homecoming and participate as an alumni. Or maybe she will just move back to the beautiful valley of the sun one day (hey, you can't blame a mom for hoping) But this year Karleigh is our girl. If she could be on 3 floats at one time she would - Choir, Swim & Sophomore Class float. it is going to be a fun afternoon and I have to miss it (insert very sad face here) I am teaching at the CKC convention in Glendale (which I love doing) So this is where it is so obvious that there are so, so many good things going on. Yesterday we set up the booth. Heidi is the gal in charge this year and she is doing an awesome job. Jodi came from Mesa to help and we had some wonderful helpers that made our day go so smoothly. One of the things I love most about the scrapbooking industry is just being around people I love. I am headed to teach all day and then help Scrap Happy at the Crop all night. It is going to be a wonderful day full of fabulous people. Make it good one - I am going to.

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