Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Keep Them In Your Prayers . . . .

My heart is heavy today as my brother-in-law Rob (married to Don's youngest sister Melissa) leaves with his unit for his second tour of duty in Iraq. Rob is part of the Arizona Army National Guards Alpha 2-285th Assault Helicopter Battalion. Rob loves serving his country and takes such pride in what he does. He is a "Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot". He is passionate about flying and serving his country. But I know his heart is breaking today as he leaves his 2 year old son Matthew and his pregnant wife for a year. But they are counting their blessings because of the timing of everything. Robs unit will be stationed and train for 8 weeks at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Rob was granted a leave that will allow him to come home for the birth of their 2nd son on October 23rd. He will then come home again for Thanksgiving before leaving for Iraq the 1st of December. So that is a wonderful blessing that he will be able to hold his baby and snuggle with Matthew once again before being deployed for a year. Matthew loves his daddy so much and is sure going to miss him. This is where Uncle Don and his cousins need to step in and make sure Matthew stays busy and has fun doing lot's of "boy" things like he does with his dad. He loves his big boy cousins "Coleton & Logan" and love him.

I know that the recent death of one of their fellow soldiers is weighing heavy on their minds as they prepare to leave their families and so I ask you my friends to pray for them. For every single one of our service men and women who are serving our country. For their sacrifice, their love and dedication to what they do. Pray that they will be safe and protected and pray for peace. Please keep Melissa in your prayers and she goes this year alone with her two little boys. Pray for all the families that waved good-bye to their loved ones this morning. Pray that this cute little boys daddy's will return home safely.

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Tabatha said...

I will deffinantly keep Rob, his wife and 2 dear, sweet boys in my prayers. Our daughter is in Iraq and won't be home till August next year! We pray for our troops every day. I know how big your heart is and how you will worry too, so we'll keep you in our prayers too!