Friday, April 11, 2008

{Totally Addicted to Preserving & ENJOYING our Memories}

Okay so you know how we have talked about just getting our pictures into albums and not keeping all the photos you haven't had a chance to scrapbook locked away in a closet in photo boxes. If you need to be inspired and refreshed go {HERE}
Well, I know this is going to be a process, but can I just tell you my kids are loving it. I am organizing my albums Chronologically (so speak - I am not anal and so it will be in somewhat of a progressive order) and the nice thing about the WE R MEMORY KEEPERS 3 RING BINDERS is that I can re-arrange pages so easily when I need to. I have also begun to incorporate all sizes into my 12x12 albums. (8 1/2 x 11 and 8x8) I am so loving this and I think this is my system that is here to stay. I am confident that I have chosen albums that will be around forever because WE R MEMORY KEEPERS who was originally HILLAR albums have been around longer than I have. My kids are loving re-living all the memories. We can spend and entire evening just looking at photos. Friends come over and they all enjoy looking at photos. And now I can really enjoy scrapbooking the important ones and I don't have any guilt about not being able to scrap them all. I have found a very happy place and I think I like it.

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I live in Flagstaff AZ. I work at a scrapbooking store where my Boss(actually one of my good friends) Kirsten Mead at ABOUT MEMORIES and MORE has been working on this same system. I can really tell you first hand this a great project. I am one of those unorganized scrapbooker and I would get discourage not to want to scrapbook and have a lot of UFO's(Un Finished objects).Well now I feel I am getting my most prized projects in order. As an added bonus Journaling is a lot more simpler. I myself put all the Items and memorbilia I need for my pages and use the 12 x 12 refill pages to coordinate with my pictures that are in the refill pages with pockets.
Anyways I really think Kirsten and you are on to something. I am now off to e-mail WE R Memory Keepers to let them know Kirsten and you have been really putting their product to use!!
Thanks for posting this info on your Blog.