Thursday, April 10, 2008

{Better Days}

So since Morgan seemed to do being a little better, I decided that a good distraction from her foot/leg would be to pick up our cute little kiddos for the afternoon. It was perfect - she played with them for hours and was completely distracted from her leg. The baby is getting so big - he loved to play ball. Anything that had to do with a ball would keep him happy. Gotta love my MEMORY MIXER. I am going with that all philosophy that I used to balk at "simple is done". Uploaded my photos this morning, stuck them on a page, added some journaling and waaa laaa - I will call it done - happy day !!!!!
So I am home today (car is in the shop) and so I am kinda stranded (it's kinda nice) and I am working on my classes (should be cleaning my house, but you know how that goes) Anywhoo - have a fabulous day.

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