Sunday, July 3, 2011

A good read . . . .

So I got up super early this morning to finish reading on this website 
(before I finish my sunbeam lesson I was hoping to read some. BTW - I teach the cutest little kiddos in the whole world every Sunday morning at church - it has been said that I am their teacher - but every Sunday I walk away being spiritually fed by them)

I LOVE reading and I LOVE this site. I have only gotten through a few of the testimonies, because each and every one has been so thought provoking. But what a fabulous addition to my quiet Sunday morning. I intend to read each one. As I still struggle to make my way though the world of college textbooks and comprehend what I am learning -  I find what I am reading here much more interesting and it speaks to my heart so it is so much easier for me to comprehend.

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