Saturday, July 3, 2010

Making the best of a situation

We kinda had a surprise happen this weekend when Marge and Toms AC went out. My mother-in-law was supposed to be taking care of them and she called me and said what am I gonna do ? Marge and Toms son Steve was out of town and so I told her to go get a hotel. But my mother-in-law could not go to a hotel because she needed to be close by my father-in-law who is blind and  they live in the same retirement community. So I said that I would volunteer to go to a hotel with them if they got an extra room for my kids. So we made the best of it and the kids came. Melissa brought the little boys over and Morgan and Trent came over with Malorie. Marge was happy to see the little ones and it didn't end up being to bad. The AC at Marge and Toms has been repaired and they should be going home tonight. I would love to go home , but I think the boys love the novelty of staying in a hotel and since they have been such good sports we will probably stay again tonight.

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And We Sailed On said...

I guess we do what we have to do, right? :)