Monday, March 2, 2009

{I have been inspired . . . do something creative everyday}

This is from Lisa Day's Blog:

I realized that what I love is feeling creative. And spending time with my family. And feeling the happiness that comes from both of those things together. I want to have more of that in my life without the deadlines or the stress or the feeling like it’s not good enough.

So, I am presenting you with the creativity project.This is simply doing something creative every single day. When I say ‘creative’ I don’t mean make a project everyday (although you can if you want!). I mean be creative with your thoughts and your actions. See everyday as a new adventure. Start each morning with the thought “what can I do that’s fun and creative today?”. This can be anything from reading a Dr. Seuss book, playing in the sand, making something or even coloring with your kids. BUT, don’t just stop there once you have figured out what you want to do for the day...ask yourself “what else can I do to make this even more creative?”

Imagine the creativity you will unleash inside when you have to find something fun and creative to do everyday. Imagine the energy level you will feel. Imagine the memories you will be making. And the creativity you will be instilling in your children and others around you. Imagine the chain effect this could have on so many areas of your life. 

I want to invite you to start your own creativity project and unleash your creative potential. I will be sharing my creativity here and starting a photo album and links to other people who are taking on this challenge here, so let me know if you going to play along with me and I’ll add you, so we can inspire the world (dreaming big here!) together to have more fun and be creative.

I am taking on Lisa's challenge. Working right now on a cute & simple photo book to leave with grandma and grandad. Let me know if you are going to join this challenge and I will also make a list on the side - then we can check in and inspire each other daily.


{connie} said...

kristan, thank you! i am going to challenge myself to be creative. i too may not be creating something to make everyday but, to me...this WILL inspire me to make my life worth it! too many reasons for not being thankful and to not make new memories. thanks to you and lisa. *hugs*

Judy said...'s time for a new blog entry!!! I know you have lots of fun and exciting things happening in your life! :0)