Tuesday, July 1, 2008

{Oh My - It's July}

I could hardly believe it when the calendar said JULY 1, 2008 today. Crazy how time flies. Just busy, busy, busy. I am knee deep in medical bills today trying to get this all figured out and make sure the insurance company has paid everyone - what a pain - matching up bills with insurance claims. Not fun at all. But it must get done. I am tired of having it hanging over my head. Morgan is still struggling with her foot but has made HUGE progress and trying to get back to as normal of a life as she can. She is still in her walking boot, but only wears it to go out becuase she can't fit shoe on that foot comfortably. But around home she walks barefoot most of the time. We see a new specialist next Tuesday so hoping they have some new ideas for us.

Also, finsihing up getting the family ready for the big hike down to Havasupai for the 4th of July Celebration we are putting on for the Supai Indian Village that resides at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Just trying to find some last minute things. I am excited for my boys to have this experience. It will be totally amazing !!!!

Well, I better get back to the bills. I hope everyone has an awesome day !!!

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