Friday, July 11, 2008

{Keepin Boys Busy During Summer}

Okay I am sure it is a challenge for any mom to keep kids busy during summer - especially boys- that always want to be busy !!!! Put that with a mom getting ready for a trade show and you have a bit of craziness. So I keep trying to make myself take time out of every day to do something FUN with them. They want to go rent xbox games - I am like "you have a million games - I am not going to pay to rent more" I said why don't you the play the wii. (they really haven't played that all summer) They just moan and groan. So then I find one of those coupons they send home from school "free bowling" for up to 6 people. Perfect - we had Jackon and McKay at our house (because we were watching them while their parents where out of town) so we headed to the blowing alley. Now mind you when it says FREE it really isn't FREE. You still have to pay $4 to rent shoes for each of them. Oh well they had so much fun.

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