Saturday, November 3, 2012

What a wonderful weekend . . . .

Phoenix, AZ (Nov 2-3, 2012) TOFW Event!
Do you see all these chairs ? I think we have officially outgrown the Phoenix Convention Center
It sold out and there were over 4000 women there. Not an empty seat in the house.
Photo: PHOENIX: look at all these seats waiting for you in our NEW set-up for our 10th anniversary! Who is joining us???

"Do you ever feel like your time and energy are being pulled in too many different directions? What if you had the chance to just step back, take a breath, and uncover the things that need your heart most right now? We believe there are things that most need YOU at this stage in your life. Are you ready to give them more of your heart?'

This weekend I went with a group of friends from my ward to 
and my heart was filled. It was the 10 year anniversary for TOFW and I was actually at the very first one 10 years ago. 
Over the years I think I have attended all but 2 and each time I walk away feeling a sense of renewal.

What an amazing weekend it was

one of the best parts was when I was standing in line this morning at the crack of dawn and who do I see but my sweet dear friend Connie that I adore so much. You know those friends that you can go long periods of time without seeing or talking to and the minute you see them it is like your hearts connect. I love this girl.What a sweet reunion and what an amazing weekend we had.

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