Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lack of blogging

Surprise, Surprise but this is why

I returned to college this semester (after skipping a year) 
I have found what seems like the perfect schedule and I am loving it
 I only have one regular on campus class once a week
The other classes are online and flex classes where we meet on campus 6 times during the semester.
It has taken some fine balancing but things are coming along and working out and I have almost found that I am addicted to learning new things.

I knew if I was going to be able to do it I would need to have classes that really interested me. 
I have some fabulous classes. I started slow - I have 3 full semester classes

Digital Photography (finally learning to use my SLR)
Microsoft Word 2010 (this class is blowing my mind with everything I am learning)
Marriage and Family (really enjoying this class)

Then this week I add 2 late start classes
Microsoft Excel (I figure I really need to learn spreadsheets. I am guilty to fault at asking Janna to always create my spreadsheets)
English 102 (I know it is sad I have never taken this - I am excited - it is a semester long research paper and I have the same teacher I had for English 101 that I loved)

So the balancing act is constant - but I am loving it and getting more done,  because I am having to use every minute of my time well.

Debating about cutting my hair short to save time. But then I think of the up keep of short hair and think I might be better off on a daily basis, but then I have to find time every six weeks to get it cut.
I am torn.

I have been putting some of my pinterest ideas into action and I am excited to share some photos soon.

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And We Sailed On said...

You are an inspiration to me because you just never give up ! You can do this! xo