Monday, September 10, 2012

It was the best of times . .

and it was the worst of times. Honestly, as a parent I have felt the happiest of emotions and the saddest of emotions. The ultimate roller coaster ride. 
Honestly some days I wish I could go back to the days when my kids where just little. Life was so much simpler then. 
But I am sure that I am learning and growing as a parent in ways that I could never imagine. Some days I am tired of learning hard lessons and some days I wish that I wasn't the easy safe target for the ones I love to take it all out on. Please don't get me wrong. Life if filled with happy times 90% of the time. 
But on days like today, I think I would just like to runaway.

I am grateful to know that I am not alone and that I know where I can turn for peace
John 14.27


And We Sailed On said...

Let's run away for a weekend.... wouldn't that be great? Keep dreaming, right? sending love and prayers... xo

Kristan Paolacci said...

Okay my friend - let's go - I miss you so much !!! Maybe you need to shoot to come to BYU womens conference this year - okay !!!