Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunbeam Lesson "I Am Thankful for Animals"

So I am not into reinventing the wheel - I love to take advantage of the talent that others have shared and I get many of my primary ideas from SUGARDOODLE. An amazing resource for ANYONE. Especially those serving in the church. Well, as I was preparing my SUNBEAM lesson for this week and I was trying to find an Animal Bingo, I could not find one I loved - so I created my own and I just thought I would share. It turned out so cute I am going to make a set for my grandbabies too !!!! Feel free to click on the images and print some yourself. I must thank my friends at Memory Mixer. Without the Memory Mixer software I would not be able to create any of the cool digital stuff I love.

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Tiana: Sunshine and Silliness said...

Very cute - thank you for sharing. I plan to use this for my Sunbeams this Sunday.