Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BYU Women's Conference

I am so excited !!! I got my conference book, I have highlighted lots of workshops I would love to go to. So many amazing choices. Lot's of speakers to lift and inspire, wonderful service projects, a huge hall full of booths sharing amazing ideas (it was in the sharing stations last year when my mom was touched and decided to serve as a senior missionary) I love singing in the instant choir and being filled with the spirit music brings.
Thousands and thousands of women all coming together for 2 days with the same purpose - to be lifted and filled and go back to our homes and families being just a little better then we were when we arrived.I really do LOVE going. I have gone with my daughters, with my sister-in-laws, with my mom  and often times with my dear friends.
A couple times we have flown when the kids were younger and we couldn't be gone for too long. But the most fun (is that proper grammar) is when we make it a road trip. Each time has been so much fun.  How I wish everyone could come.
 This year it is Carol and I. We are super excited. 
(Don't be sad - just mark your calendar for next year and join us again )

But in reality (please forgive me for being totally selfish at this moment) It is so much more about me - and filling me up so I can go home and be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, primary teacher, visiting teacher I can be !!!!
 We are going to have an awesome time. I love it - did I say that already ? I really do LOVE it.  Well actually I love it all except for the stairs and the altitude.

One week till we hit the road. 

And if you haven't joined us before you can plan on coming next year too. Let's make it a HUGE party so plan on it. Just imagine about 20 thousand women surrounding you—all gathered in one place to learn more about their Savior. Imagine the feeling that would generate and the love, joy, peace that is present. It is electrifying!

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