Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy "11" Birthday Logan

My baby boy is "11" years old today

It seems like yesterday that I sat and rocked him,
 holding him knowing that he would be my last baby.
What an amazing boy he is.

He loves "ANYTHING" sports related (just like his brother's)

Tonight the LITTLE LEAGUE ALL STAR TOURNAMENT starts and Logan is the starting pitcher.
Should be an awesome game. This is an awesome group of boys and I believe they will do very well.

This morning I am planning on taking Logan to breakfast with two of his best friends. A few years ago Logan became fast friends with 2 boys on his baseball team that were twins. In fact Logan and Andy (one of the twins are so much alike it is scary) Well come to find out the twins were born the day as Logan and they were actually born just a few hours apart. So jokingly you always hear them calling themselves
 "My brother from another mother"

Then Logan will go to basketball camp with his cousin Zach and then prepare for the big game tonight !!!


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