Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Blessings of Tithing

It is no secret that we have never been financially wealthy. I chose to stay home and raise a family while Don worked. We stopped going to college after we got married (big mistake we hope our kids won't make - hence I am back in school today - much easier to be young starving students than old starving students)  But asked if I would have it any other way - choosing a career over being home with my kids and I would do it the same way all over again.

So as we are juggling bills trying to make things work with summer classes, mission preparation, plane tickets and summer activities I struggled to figure out where the money was going to come from. It just wasn't working out. What bills could i postpone till next month. I really wanted to go stay at a resort with just my kids when Marissa comes in town for a fun family staycation like we always used to do. But I just couldn't figure out how we were going to make it work. Sunday morning I had the strong impression that if I would just pay my tithing it would all work out. I had no idea how - but I felt reassured that the Lord knew how hard we were working and he would provide for us. As he always does.

Well, as I went to the mailbox this afternoon I found an envelope from my school. Inside was an award letter for a scholarship I earned for Summer Semester. (Because I got straight A's spring semester - yipee)  I had no idea I had earned a scholarship or that I had money owed to me. Since I had already paid out of pocket for summer classes (since summer classes started on June 1st) this was now money in the bank. In fact it is almost the exact amount of money needed for Marissa's plane ticket home in August, the rest of Dylan's missions supplies and a little extra to have a staycation at one of the local resorts before Dylan leaves.

Tithing surely is a test of faith. One test that whenever I take it the Lord always provides a way. I truly feel blessed.


The Dark Family said...

WOW! Talk about blessings! That sounds SOO fun (I've always wanted to try a staycation)! And thank you for your love on my hubby post! :)

I'm not sure about our 4th of July plans. We were supposed to go to Prescott for the rodeo, but since Scott has to work that saturday (the 3rd)our fun rodeo plans are no more.

If you could give me more details, I would love to pass them on to Scott and then we'll get back to you.

And We Sailed On said...

i can't think of anyone more deserving! xoxo
how do you make that cool signature?