Saturday, January 9, 2010

Recommitted to documenting my life . . . .

I haven't been the best blogger. You know life sometimes seems to get in the way. I have had many freinds share with me that they had their blogs printed and bound for Christmas and the absolutely cherish them. They were good bloggers. And for 2010 I want to be a good blogger. I want to focus more on recording the moments of our life so that I can have a treasure to share with my family and generations to come. Why do I blog ? Becuase I want to treasure the moments of this life I have been given. We all have moments we want to treasure. We want to use our later years to look back on our days and bring back all the good "stuff". Our blogs can help us do that.

As a work at home mom, my days are busy - really busy. Just my average day (before work and now school) is filled with laundry, meals, running errands, sports practices, more laundry, carpooling, cleaning, kids homework, and more laundry. You get the idea...

Then I add work appointments, phone calls, emails, scrapbooking, my church calling, and now some college classes etc . . . . and the mix becomes very, very interesting. but none the less - "this is my life, it might be a bit crazy at times - but I love it"

Since my children were younger i have been told to ENJOY all this. I even know that I should be taking  pictures of all of it. What? Pictures of my over-flowing laundry hampers? Yes - Take a picture.

Once the mom of babies, toddlers and little children, soon to be the mom of all teenagers and adult children Just around that corner is Grandma! (approximately 139 days according to the baby widget on Morgan's blog) I also know I will miss this chaos and craziness of this busy life one day. One day I will look back on this busy season and be a little sad. One day.

But as for today, I need to start taking pictures of my over-flowing laundry hampers. And my sink with the breakfast dishes crusting over. And my boys video games stuff everywhere. And my children playing Madden together or Karleigh sitting on facebook. Because one day, I will not have this anymore. But as for today, I still do and I am happy to be right where I am. (I need a camera becuase mine is broke - probably from being old and over used - but I have a nice blackberry that will do the job for now)

So my challenge to not only myself but also to you my friends, is to really begin to focus on documenting what your days are like. What a treasure it will be. I wish I had a blog back when I was a first time mom so I could share with Morgan what my days were like, what my apartment looked like, etc. So pick an average day in your life and begin to document every hour -  what you are doing, where you are, or how you feel about it. One day we will all  look back and smile. I Promise. ENJOY where you are at - wherever it may be.


And We Sailed On said...

so true Kristan! xo

J Harper said...

I also use my blog as my journal and have printed it out and put into notebooks for the last 3 years.. that way I know that I will be leaving something of my life when I am gone, that my children and grandchildren can read and know more about me.