Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, Monday, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah - So good to me . . . . .

Another reason I think I love Monday's so much is becuase they follow Sunday which is by far my most favorite day of the week. I love the Sabbath and the the opportunity I have each Sunday to recommitt myself . I love having my cup filled and be inspired to do good. I love Monday's becuase I love having a fresh start to my week every Monday morning. My week starts Sunday nights at 9pm, when I arrive at Marge and Tom's. Last night my friend Marge was a little crabby. She is so cute, she tries really hard to be a grouchy old lady with Alzheimers, but then I look at her and she just laughs. She is darling. I have learned so much these past 6 months while caring for her. I absolutely love her to peices. I know I can't work 7 nights a week. But I truly miss her the two nights I am off each week. What am I going to do when I leave for CHA on Friday night ? I am going to miss her for 6 nights.

Speaking of CHA - yep it is that time of year again and the annual Winter CHA show is in Anaheim. Janna and I pack up the car and leave on Friday. We don't return home until Wednesday Night. I am hoping the next two weeks really boost the business in the scrapbook/papercrafting industry. More to come on that later (maybe) But I always love CHA and rubbing shoulders with such talented people. I love seeing my friends that I usually only get to see twice a year and catching up with them. The wonderful thing about this industry is that it is filled with such good, good people that truly are all so much alike. I love it and I love my friends and I am excited to see them all and excited to see what their creative minds have created.

When I return from CHA we will be running a MEMORY MIXER booth at the Quilt, Craft & Sewing Expo. Just another three days of crafting inspiration. I went last year and I LOVED it. So if you are a local be sure to come. Click here to get a 1.00 off admission. I was simply amazed at how well Memory Mixer did there. The response was unbelievable. So I am excited for this year and Janna and Karen are going to be helping me out.

The kids are out of school today. We always love a day off. It was raining this morning (love the rain) And now I have a house full of neighborhood boys. I am just going through all of my .99 Savers finds from this monring. It is really bad when you get up at 5am to work and just so by 9am you can take a break to go to the Savers sale. I am finding lot's and lot's of cute baby clothes.

Well gotta run got lot's to do today . . . . . . .

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Cheryl said...

Kristin, I LOVE Savers. Some days you don't find a thing and then others you spend $100. My fav day is Wed. "it's Senior day" and I qualify for the discount YEAH!! When I divorced my ex (dr. hubs) 35 years ago, I had to shop thrift stores for kids clothes. I became addicted and it pains me to go to Macy's and pay full price for ANYTHING now. HA!