Friday, August 8, 2008

Tis the season . . . .

I am a really bad blogger right now . . . . I barely have a moment to breathe this week let alone blog. So I have chosen to breathe. But I woke up early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so I figured perfect time for an update. Lot's of stuff going on here in the Paolacci home. The best thing is Marissa is home until August 26th. So nice to have all my kids home. We have not had her home for this long since she left for college 2 years ago. She is so nice to have around, she has such a genuine spirit about her and I love feeling that. The kids love having her home. There was a BAD storm last night and Logan was so worried about his big sister while she was at the movies with her friends. But everyone arrived home safe and sound.

School starts on Monday for the younger 4. Logan will be in 4th grade, Coleton in 6th, Karleigh will be a freshman and Dylan will be a senior. School is crazy these days. It cost me almost $800 dollars to register Dylan and karleigh for high school. They are both in a sport - Karleigh is doing swim and Dylan is golfing and it costs $150 per sport. Then I have to pay $100 for Dylan to park, $100 for Karleigh to be in advanced choir, $40 each for activity passes, $75 each for yearbooks (no you don't have to buy them now but they are $100 dollars a piece later) then Dylan had his graduation fee of $50, and then there are class fees. Oh my Back to school is more expensive than Christmas in my house.

Morgan is almost finished being registered for college. It is crazy that I have two college kids. Morgan's life is just wild and crazy right now. A couple weeks ago while I was in Chicago Morgan and Andrew decided they needed to start dating other people. The reality was no matter how much they loved each other, Andrew still has about 9 months before leaving to on his mission. He did not need to be tied down and he needed to focus on preparing and serving his mission. Well, Morgan enjoyed singlehood for about 2 weeks and has already being swept away by a returned missionary. I swear there must be a radar out there that tells all available guys "she's single". So she has been dating this nicest guy for about a week and a half. He only lives about 5 minutes away and so they have been seeing each other often. Oh young love !!! Last night we had this horrible monsoon storm and I was already in bed and I thought my kids were too and Morgan comes in about 9:30 and says "Aaron is coming to get me - we are going to play in the rain" Oh to be 19 again. I am glad she is having fun. Today is the "official" back to school shopping day in the Paolacci house - i figured if I held off till the last minute we wouldn't spend as much money (yeah right) but it is better than shopping everyday this week. I told the kids I would trade them school money for a bag of shoes and clothes for DI. I was totally serious but I haven't seen any donation bags surface so they must not think I am serious. I am just amazed when their closets and drawers are jam packed full of clothes and yet I hear "I have nothing to wear". So if you don't wear it let's get rid of it. I guess they must learn from the pro, because I have a closet full of clothes I don't wear either. So maybe it is time I practice what I preach.

Marissa has had her training prep for the Ukraine and now will just be gathering supplies in preparation to leave.

Guess who did start school this week - Jade. She is in kindergarten and they started on Wednesday. I surprised her and was waiting outside her door when she came out and "said hey pretty girl want a ride to school". You know I couldn't pass up those first day of school photos.

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