Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still here . . .

Okay so I promised myself I would take these muscle relaxers round the clock this weekend and stay down in hopes for some relief. But as of right now - Sunday morning my legs and feet are still numb. The good news is that the x-rays did not show any disk damage in my lower back. Just some pretty major soft tissue damage. There were some mild disk problems in my neck and I will follow up with that because I don't want to be walking around like the hunch back one day. But when I saw the chiropractor on Thursday he told me there was some pretty major swelling in my lower back lumbar area and it is just going to take some time to heal. So he said rest. This is so hard for me. But I know I need to do it. I have two busy weeks ahead of me. Creative Escape and the Phoenix CK Convention. So i gotta get better. So I have increased my nutritional supplements (have been studying about supplements to help Morgan and look I need them now) I am rotating from my chair to my bed and not leaving my bedroom. This is a challenge for me. My house is such a mess. I ventured out this morning to take my meds and I was frightened. But I guess it is a good lesson for everyone else. "Mom's not going to clean up after you."

I can't do alot of things that involve too much thinking cause I am kinda out of it. But I had fun making a play list. You can tell that I have pretty mellow taste in music. I love inspirational gospel music and could listen to that 24/7. But I have added some of my very favorite classics - Donny, Linda, Ann, Elton, Celine, Donny, Marie, some of my favorite American Idol and the amazing William Joseph on the piano. If you don't like listening while you read just scroll down to the playlist on the right and turn off the volume. But the cool thing for me is now as long as I have a connection I have my favorite music. Love it.

Also been doing alot of Ukraine research and exploring that world. I miss Marissa so much already, but I know she is going to experience so much over the next couple of months. I have downloaded Skype which will allow me to talk to Marissa for FREE over the Internet. Problem being we both have to be online at the same time. Since our days and nights are opposite this will prove to be a challenge. She was online this morning at 5:30 am our time and I just missed her. So I have added the Ukraine time to my blog so I always know what time it is there.

I have happened across a blog of a US family from Seattle living in Kiev. The Melanchuk Family has a lot of pictures on their blog and after reading about their life and experiences over there I am feeling so much better. The church is strong and thriving over there and I know there are priesthood leaders over there to help them in any time of need.

So as for me - I think as I lay in bed today I am going to design a new scrap table and cabinets. My amazing brother is building me a new custom hutch for my desk so when I get better I can have a highly organized desk. So I am thinking I really want a scrap area that looks like Margie's check hers out {HERE}. It is amazing. I only have two walls to work with. But I have this amazing brother who has said figure out exactly what you want and we will build it. So if you have seen any aweome scrap room/areas for people with LOTS of stuff will you forward them to me ? Get in line ladies -don't be asking for his number yet until he is done with mine. So I am excited just thinking about it. Who knows what I will come up with on heavy duty muscle relaxers. Could be quite interesting.

Oh well - time to rotate and get back in the bed. I am sure I will be back later. I am going to have one of my kiddos take pictures of the books from CKC and I will post them tonight. Promise

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