Monday, March 16, 2015

One of the hardest things I have gone through . . . .

After one of the hardest weeks of my life I am able to still feel Gods love for me. Even though my sweet friend has gone on to her eternal home, she showed me that I could truly love someone other than my own family so deeply. She left me with what now feels like an extended family and a friend who now feels more like a sister. After what would be officially my first day of being unemployed , I have been called and offered 3 jobs already. Really wanting to take about a 3 week break but so I am feeling so grateful at this moment with the many ways my sweet Adell has blessed my life the last four years and especially this last week as I witnessed many miracles take place and she made the transition to her eternal home to be with her sweet husband and family that has gone before. Even though I miss her more than words can say, I am so grateful for everything she brought into my life, because of her I am changed for the better and my heart will never be the same. 

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