Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remembering Sandy

I had the privilege of creating the photo board for the service today of one of the most inspirational women I have known. Sandy was the Relief Society President in my ward. She was truly a remarkable woman. She had the most caring heart of any woman I have ever know. She had a true genuine love and concern for every person and thing she came in contact with. Sandy, is a true example of "enduring to the end". She continued to love and serve until the very end.  She will remembered for her true love for all of God's creatures.A true example of strength, courage, unconditional love and 
enduring to the end !!! No doubt she was ready to meet her maker. She had cancer. But she never ever complained. She just continued to serve. I am sure when the veil opened and she entered heaven she had some errands for the angels to run, to go and check on some people and take care of some things. She was always watching out for anothers needs. She was my Relief Society President, Marissa's seminary teacher and Logan's primary teacher - a woman of such incredible knowledge. If I could have gotten just a dusting of her knowledge I would be set for life.
Oh Sandy, how I will miss her. It still doesn't even seem real that she has gone on to her heavenly home. I am grateful that I have been changed for the better becuase I knew her.

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