Friday, December 2, 2011

Wise Men Still Seek Him

I love, love, love the Christmas season. Every year I try to work really hard to get into the Christmas spirit and bring the spirit of Christ into my home. I am getting a late start this year getting all the decorations up. We were a little busy with having a sweet little grand baby and getting our missionary package sent. (Which I am so excited will be hand delivered to him in Peru tomorrow night - what a blessing) It is not much. A new pair of shoes, some new ties and some treats. But the one thing I hope he will be most excited about is "Home Baked" cookies. I baked him an entire container of his favorite cookies. I am sure him and his companion will have them devoured in one night. But I hope he loves them. I am pretty sure he will.
I have a busy weekend with work tomorrow and I have been feeling a bit under the weather, but hoping to get Christmas up Sunday after church. I love the house all decorated, Christmas music playing, pumpkin candles burning, baking in the kitchen and homemade Christmas presents. 
That is what this month will be filled with. 

I wanted to share this wonderful blog I found
It is an Advent Blog filled with short thoughts, scriptures and quotes that center on our Savior and the true meaning of Christmas. 

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