Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome to life as I know it for the next 6 weeks . . .

Last Wednesday I received a frantic call from Morgan. 
She needed to get to the hospital ASAP. 
She had gone into pre-term labor. The problem being she is only 29.5 weeks pregnant. Good thing she has the best ob/gyn on the face of the earth as far as I am concerned.( he delivered Dylan, Karleigh, Coleton, Logan and almost all of my nieces and  nephews)
He just brings a calm and a feeling of peace. At this point in his career there is not anything he has not seen or experienced. Our entire family just loves him !!! 
And I feel so much confidence with him as their doctor !!!
Steven Nelson

He had her labor stopped and the contractions under control after a few hours. She ended up staying in the hospital for 5 days and I instantly became a full time working grandma.
No time to finish toddler proofing my house. 
For the next 6 weeks it is going to be Me and my girl Malorie.
So if you see me running around a little crazy you will know why !!! But every minute of busy is completely worth it when I know my son in law can work and go to school and Morgan can continue to be an incubator for our sweet new baby. 
I know I have done this toddler thing many times before. It is just throwing me for a loop this time. Good thing she is so cute and when she walks in the room and says "Hi Ma-Maw" it makes every second worth it.(Even if I totally missed the chance to shower today)

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And We Sailed On said...

oh man! I hope all is well. Hang in there...