Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am so behind on blogging . . .

But no regrets . . . moving into 2011 with a clean blogging slate. I did finish my Attitude of Gratitude but over on face book and I need to copy my posts and put them over here.
But anyways - i am excited for the new year and the new possibilities it brings.
While I was reading on of Dylan's missionary friends letters home this I was touched by a story he shared and it made me think and I hope that everyone who reads this will think about it . . .

This is a little note from Elder Matt Rider (one of Dylan's Best Friends)
I want to share a quick story I heard yesterday in sacrament meeting. The sister giving the talk was speaking on the effects of gossip and murmuring:

About a year ago, in a middle school up here in Cerro., there was a student named Violet, who hadn't been to classes for a few weeks. All the teachers began to ask the students if they knew why or if
something was wrong. One of Violet classmates, Maria, one day got up and informed that Violet was pregnant.

It wasn't long before all the students and teachers began to talk and talk until other stories began to be formed. About a day or two later, one teacher called Maria into her office to talk. She first told Maria to get a glass of water then dump it all out onto the floor. She then told her to pick all the water back up from off the floor and put in back into the cup—clean. Maria, puzzled, went onto explain to the teacher how there was no way she could pick up the water from the dirty floor and, more importantly, keep it clean. The teacher then explained to Maria that just as she had dirtied the purity of the water, so had she dirtied the dignity of her classmate, Violet. Because in reality, Violet wasn't pregnant…She had cancer.

So my thought for you guys this weeks is that we should all watch how we talk about others so that we don't dirty their dignity.

Really makes you stop and think about the powerful lesson learned here. Today I also came across this quote

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him. 
~Leo Aikman

I guess this gives us something to think about and helps us to be a little more cautious of the words we speak.

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