Friday, April 9, 2010

Making a list . . . checking it twice

This month we need to . . . .
  • Mission Call Acceptance Letter Sent (of course) DONE
  • passport and visa application sent to church headquarters  DONE
  • Appoitments for Shots - there's alot - HEP A Series, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, so on and so on. Don't want my boy getting sick so we will make sure he get's them all.
  • Patriarchial Blessing
  • Temple Endowments
He will probably kill me when he finds out I uploaded his visa photo. The photographer would not let him smile. Why do some places let you smile for passport/visa photos and some don't ?  But it is a memory right. And I think you can tell by looking at the photo it signifies a very memorable time in his life. Just look at the tan line on his face. He has been able to enjoy some pretty amazing skiing this ski season. Almost every other weekend and it had now come to an end. I am so glad he had such a fun winter, becuase when he comes home from his mission it is back to school fulltime.

Trying to get hime to work on his piano skills. He plays by ear amazing. I love listening to him play - music to my ears. And I think he will bless the lives of many if he would learn to play a handful of hymns. We will see if moms encouragement works.

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