Monday, August 3, 2009

{Summer At A Glance}

Well I honestly cannot believe it is already August. Where has the time gone ? Summer is officially over in two weeks. My laptop died last night and so I have no computer access for a few days. But this morning I am sitting at the hospital with Brittanie (one of my foster daughters) who is needing to have an outpatient imaging procedure done and they gave me no time frame - uuuggghhhh - I hate feeling as though I am wasting time as I sit in a waiting room. So I found out the hospital has a library and I came and found myself a computer. Checked webmail (which I don't love - I am really dependant on my outlook) But I figured it might be a good time to update my blog. Since I have been such a slacker I figure I could just do a summer re-cap. June & July were busy, busy months for us. Summer started with Karleigh heading off to girls camp. Then Dylan going on a varsity scout trip.

We had two Sunday's in June were Don and I were able to join the youth (ages 12-18) in our ward (which included Dylan, Karleigh & Coleton) serve at Randolf Ranch - it is a facility for handicap adults in Casa Grande. What an amazing experience we had. To feel of the love these people had. They ranged in age from 30 - 70. When we got there everyone was assigned to a resident and we would go to the house which they lived in to pick them up and then bring them back to a large cultural hall. There we sang primary songs with them and enjoyed just being in their presence. Many were in wheelchairs and could not verbally communicate, some were also blind but you knew that lives were touched. We may have been there serving them, but in reality we were the ones truly blessed. What an amazing experience to serve Heavenly Father's children in this capacity. How I wish we could go more often.

We were thrilled to be able to go to Carlsbad beach and camp. It was just moms and kids on our campsite this year. I invited my sister in law Karen and her 3 kids, my friend Angie and 2 of her kids and my friend Marcia and her son. Dylan had two friends come also so we had 4 adults and 13 kids. We had a great time. I have pictures on FB but when my computer gets back up and running I will post more here.

As soon as we returned from the beach Don and Coleton headed to scout camp for a week up in the mountains which was alot of fun for them. Mylie and I surprised them one day (with a 3 hour drive) and delivered homebaked cookies. They were sure surprised to see us. Unfortunately we were hit with an afternoon thunderstorm when we were coming out of the mountains. But how fun to just pick up and go.

As soon as Don and Coleton returned home I headed to Florida for the week for CHA. The summer trade show for the scrapbook industry.

Now we are all home and it is such a good place to be. I like being able to get back into our routine and have things calm down a bit before school starts - which is 2 weeks from today. I love being able to go to church in our home ward yesterday and start my week out with my cup full. How good that felt.

Last night we had everyone over to celebrate Mom and Morgan's birthday's. Poor Morgan was not feeling well. She must have caught a bug. So they had to eat and run - literally. I love being with family. As crazy as it is - it is okay because we are together (an missing Marissa like crazy)

With the new school year upon us we have new schedules that need to be worked out and myself like most other moms out there are searching for that magic word called "balance". I have a child in every level of schooling this year. Elementary, Middle, High School & College. Oh wait - I don't have a preschooler (thank goodness) So with after school schedules and all different start times it is a challenge to fit everything in and find the "balance" that I am searching for. As the financial needs of our family increase so does the demand for me being able to earn that second income as a "work at home mom". So the quest for balance continues with mom duties, household duties, wife duties, work duties, church calling and in the midst of it all finding time to take care of me. I would not trade any of it.

But I am confident it can be done. I am not alone. I have a Heavenly Father who will help me every step of the way.

I was so incredibly touched when I read this on my friend Heather's blog this week -

"I simply can't even imagine how anyone could deny the presence of God. It doesn't matter what religion you are...but to simply deny Him completely...I just don't understand it.!!!! EVERYWHERE! We decided that you would very literally have to make a conscious effort to ignore the signs that He exists in order to deny Him.This week, as painful and as difficult as it has been, has been overwhelmingly draped with signs that there is a God and that He is aware of me and loves me and that He will never ever leave me alone...especially in times of great trial. No, I have seen His hand TOO many times in my life, too many times during this week alone, to question for even a even a MOMENT whether or not there is a God. I just know it. No doubts, no questions."

This week I too experienced a trial that I knew the only way to get through it was through faith in my heavenly Father that if I offered sincere prayer - some how, some way this certain situation would be okay - and it was.

How blessed we are to have a Heavenly Father who loves us and watches over us. I am so grateful for this knowledge.

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And We Sailed On said...

Kristan I have been thinking of you so much. I am sorry to hear of your great trials and hope that the days get easier. you are such a great example to me and such a fabulous person!