Monday, June 1, 2009

{Been a bit busy}

Well my crazy month is officially over and summer has begun. No time to blog right now - I have a house to get back in order from a month of neglect and rooms to switch around. (becuase Morgan's room is available and Dylan is moving in - he hasn't had his own room in 12 years - so it is his for the taking for 1 year till he leaves on his mission)

Morgan and Trent's wedding was wonderful. They are so happy and so in love. They are off to Florida for a weeklong honeymoon.

Dylan is my 3rd graduate. He shared his week with Morgan. What a nice brother. He is so awesome. These are now my two big kids at home now.
Marissa was here for 4 days - how lucky are we - we love that girl.


Judy said...

These kids are growing up WAYYYYY to quickly!!! Seems like just yesterday that Morgan was rolling/counting pennies in our basement!!! What a pretty bride and handsome graduate!!! Now Karleigh gets to be the "BIG" kid!! :0)

Ariel said...

so many exciting things are happening in your family!!! it looks like Morgan's wedding went beautifully!